• Sarah Rozmiarek

Tajin, a Spice for Margaritas and Mangos

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

In San Diego's North Park, at West Coast Tavern, I met some friends for happy hour. Little did I know the light of my life was about to be served to me on the rim of a margarita glass. When the waiter took my drink order, he unassumingly asked if I wanted salt or Tajin on my margarita. I said, "both," pretending I knew what Tajin was, because how could anything mess up a margarita? It was the best decision of my life. Tajin is spicy, unoffensively salty, and limey, and was the star of my entire meal. The next day, I ordered a bottle on Amazon and now I put it on fruit, like mangos, pineapples, and even strawberries, as well as on chicken and rice. Tajin comes from Mexico and is known as a powdered sauce. It's been sold in the US since 1993, and one year later, I was born, thankful to never live in a world without Tajin.

At time of publishing, Tajin is available on Amazon Prime for next-day shipping.