• Sarah Rozmiarek

(2018) Campaign: Ben Jealous for Governor

Originally published July 17, 2018

Ben Jealous For Governor is the gubernatorial campaign organization for candidate Ben Jealous. Jealous, a Rhodes scholar, is a pillar in Maryland’s community as a civil rights leader, educator, and investor. Jealous promotes acting efficiently to build a government that is more accountable and responsive to the needs of its people. Ben Jealous For Governor relies on donations to fund the campaign, volunteers to canvass and organize events, and votes from eligible voters on November 6, 2018.

Jealous values building strong, diverse teams to ignite change and holds government leaders accountable to bettering the lives of Marylanders. In 2013, he earned the honor of Marylander of the Year from the Baltimore Sun for his work towards abolishing the death penalty, passing marriage equality, passing the DREAM Act, and expanding voting rights. As National President and CEO of NAACP, Jealous contributed greatly to the efforts toward expanding the civil rights of all Americans, and increased yearly membership and donations exorbitantly.

As governor, Ben Jealous will return Maryland to the #1 state for education, by increasing teacher salaries, and fund full-day universal Pre-K by legalizing and taxing marijuana, and by forcing casinos to keep their promise to give revenue to education spending. He will also improve healthcare, the criminal justice system, police reform, the opioid crisis, civil rights, and immigration.